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About Us
About Us

BoomerCareTechnologies missison is to provide convenient consumer friendly access to state of the art at home technologies. Our “one stop shop” offers products featuring technologies that promote prevention, increased safety and independent home living. The products selected are to enhance the ability to ease the burden of caregiver stress, improve well being, ultimately enhancing peace of mind for both user and care giver.

Many of our products are new technologies that have been carefully selected with product features in mind that offer specific user benefits or varied strategies. For example, our flagship product the Allen Pole allows for self assisted movements that create leverage and control momentum through a pivot~push~pull technology. This technology supports the very same strategies you use when arising from a bed. Our thought is for you to continue to use these very same  muscles so you don’t lose muscle strength and can continue to self assist. Too, the Allen Pole is easy to install using only the allen wrench to install.

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New Products:
We at BoomerCareTechnologies, are constantly seeking, new, and user friendly devices that support prevention, safety, and independent living. Do you have a product that you think would be a great fit with our mission and values? Email us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with some of our exciting opportunities.

Seminars & Conferences: Why not let BoomerCare Technologies provide you with a nationally known speaker at your next conference or seminar? Our highly experienced and educated professionals are available to meet your needs on a variety of topics related to the complex issues of caring for and providing medically for older adults. Please contact us at info@boomercaretech,com  to learn more as to how we can assist you. Learn more about us by clicking on the Staff tab above.




'From a mobility standpoint, it is extremely helpful in easing her in and out of bed. She is a lot faster now and struggles much less in that respect. No more "turtle".
Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

BoomerCare Technologies is your one stop shop for keeping you or your loved one at home with the latest technologies available.You get to choose your product strategy that fits your price range and comfortably fits your life style.

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