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Boomer Care  Help Desk

Email us at customerservice@boomercaretech.com

Or, give us a call at 1(888) 612-BOOM (2666).

Boomer Care FAQ's

1) How do your technologies get selected?
Selected technologies are initially selected by the following criteria.

   1.      Does the technology fit the category as an “at home technology?”
   2.      Does this technology support Safety, Prevention, and Independence?
   3.      Does the technology offer a varied strategy than that our other products?
   4.      From our research, does the product have positive outcomes with respect to standards in the industry?
   5.      Does the manufacturer back with a warranties and protections?


2) Why do you have product ratings for us to fill out and how are these ratings used?
Having, you the customer, affirm our product selection with a positive experience affirms our product choices. Less than positive experiences will provide the feedback that will prompt us to pull that product from our web site selection.

3)  Why do you have the technology labels: Preventative, Supportive and Convenience?
We know that incorporating the technology into your lifestyle is an important consideration when selecting a technology. We wanted to take the guesswork out of this equation by providing additional education.

4) Why did you decide to get into the At- Home-Technology Market?
Our staff of experts has a passion for keeping loved ones safely at home longer.
We are obsessive about locating and evaluating technologies supporting this goal.
We can send a man to live on the moon and bring him back safely, why can’t we use technology and our intelligence to help those live longer in their homes safely?

5) Why should I buy from BoomerCare Technologies?
You should feel comfortable buying from BoomerCare Technologies because:
We strive to research and select products that provide peace of mind through a variety of product problem solving strategies to fit your budget.

We strive to examine products with varied features and benefits to customize the product fit to the varied customer needs of those we serve.

We strive to be a one stop shop for cutting edge technology that supports care giving, prevention, and independence at home.

We strive to ship your order within 24 hours.

We strive to work with like minded vendors that share the same passion for caring and serving, the same passion for quality cutting edge technologies, and the same passion for supporting independence, prevention, and safety.

Finally, our web site is safe and secure and we have a generous return policy.
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Change Price Set

BoomerCare Technologies is your one stop shop for keeping you or your loved one at home with the latest technologies available.You get to choose your product strategy that fits your price range and comfortably fits your life style.

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