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Company Info
Our  Mission

Our mission is to help others to live in their home safely and independently using hand picked well designed technology as part of a continuum for living well. Some may use our products and their strategies as a preventive care plan extending independent living at home, while others may use our products as a way to conveniently support a safer healthy fast paced lifestyle. Our product rating system, Preventive, Supportive, and Convenience, help to further educate our customers about the strategies used by that specific device.

Our Website

Our web site is designed to provide an educational forum where we can learn and provide real time feedback about various strategies employed by each product line of technologies. Our goal is to pick top technologies and educate our clients on how this piece of equipment can improve the quality of living. Our client feedback rating system allows us to continually evaluate the effectiveness of our products. If we find that the customer feedback does not support the product as worthwhile we will pull it from our line and look to fill it with other top products. We do some of the technology screening work for you.

We use amazing technology to send men to the moon. Why not take a minute and figure out how we can use technology to live better here on earth.

Why We Are Not Just Another Web Site...

Varied strategies, varied prices. Our products are specifically selected for varied technology strategies and varied prices.

Technology awards. Many of our products have won technology awards from their professional organization.

First on line. Some of our products you will find first on line here at www.BoomerCareTech.com before any other on line store.     (Ex: The Allynn Pole, Safe-T-element).

Interactive educational web experience.  Our web site featuring technology is an interactive educational web experience so you can receive the right amount of information to choose the right technology to fit your specific needs.

First line intervention areas.  Falls, Cooking Safety, and Medication Reminder Systems are first in line for intervention areas for living longer and safely in your home.
Change Price Set

Change Price Set

BoomerCare Technologies is your one stop shop for keeping you or your loved one at home with the latest technologies available.You get to choose your product strategy that fits your price range and comfortably fits your life style.

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