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BOB 3600
BOB 3600
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A quick response for after a fall care is critical and a personal emergency response system (PERS) is the perfect intervention to help individuals feel safer and continue to live safely and independently at home. Immediate access to our BOB Care Center representatives can help reduce medical costs, ensure personal safety and promote overall well-being.

Simply,the BOB 3600 unit is connected to the existing phone line, features caller ID, and has a built in speaker. The BOB 3600 can also provide reminders to take medication and get ready for an appointment- up to 8 different messages can be programmed to play at a specific time every day. With touch of a button on either a personal transmitter or the unit, a BOB Care Center representative will contact the subscriber or care giver representative. Even if the subscriber cannot touch the button, the BOB system will automatcally sense the fall has happened. Either scenario, the BOB is designed to respond. In a matter of seconds help is on the way with all of the preloaded individualized health information needed for help to effectively and quickly provide the much needed care.

$50.00 one time installation charge

Try it for 30 days!

Boomer Tips: BOB3600

Can my system be transferred to my new home if I move?
Absolutely! Simply call us at 1.888.55.SIGNAL to update your files.

Does the system work anywhere is the United States?

What are your Customer Service hours?
We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can contact us at any time at 1.888.55.SIGNAL (1.888.557.4462) for customer service questions or sales inquiries.

How will emergency personnel gain access to my home?
Should we have to contact medical personnel, we will also contact your designated caregiver(s) that have a key and ask that they meet the medical responders and open your door. If you are concerned about your contact person not being there in time, we recommend using either a hidden key or purchasing a lock box. Your care center representative will provide the lock box key door combination or hidden key location to the responding medical personnel to gain access to your home.

What if I lose power?
The system has a backup battery that automatically activates when the system experiences a power outage. Once power has been restored the battery will self charge.

How do I return my system when I’m done using it?
Please save the box that your system came in. Call us at 1.888.55.SIGNAL to cancel your account. We will arrange for the return shipping, at our expense.

Still have a question? Call use at 1.888.55.SIGNAL- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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