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Prescription medications are an important part of managing your health. But with two prescriptions or more, taking them correctly can be complicated. It's easy to forget to take them or to confuse the dosage time. MedCenter helps take the worry out of health management by simplifying your daily routine, and eliminating the confusion about what to take and when to take it.

The MedCenter System is a monthly organizer and reminder system for your daily medications. The system allows you to set up to four daily alarms to alert you when your medication is due. A repeating, friendly reminder notifies you of the time, the date and which daily dose to take. After taking the medication, press the "Alarm Acknowledged Button" to confirm compliance and the MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock tells you when the next daily dose is due.

The MedCenter System is a very easy to use unit that will allow for true piece of mind for anyone that needs to take more than one medication per day. Alarm times are easy to change, and alarms can be temporarily turned off for vacation or away mode by a slide switch on the back of the clock.

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Boomer Tips: MedCenter

• What are the default Alarm Times?
The MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock is pre-loaded with the following alarm times:
9:00am - Morning
1:00pm - Noon
6:00pm - Evening
10:00pm - Night

• Can I change the Alarm Times? The default alarm times do not meet my needs.
Yes. The default alarm times can be changed to any specific time that works best for your current needs.

• Can I turn off some or all of the Alarms? I do not need four alarms.
Yes. Each of the daily alarms can be turned on or off during the set mode. A digital indicator on the front of the LCD display shows which of the four alarms is currently turned on. Also, all alarms can be temporarily turned off for vacation or away mode by a slide switch on the back of the clock.

• I have lost my instructions. Can I download Instructions for the MedCenter Talking Clock?
Yes, you can download a PDF of the complete Talking Alarm Clock Instructions through the link below:

• Can I download the Helpful Hints insert for the MedCenter System? detailing a suggested method for setting up the system?
Yes, you can download a PDF of the "Helpful Hints" insert through the link below:

• How long do the Alarms sound? If I am not home, will the alarms run my batteries dead?
If after 1 minute of alarming, and the "ALARM ACKNOWLEDGE" button has not been pressed, the alarm will go silent for 3 minutes. Then sound again for 1 minute, followed by 3 minutes of silence. This will repeat until the "ALARM ACKNOWLEDGED" button is pressed or until 1 full hour has passed.
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