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Stove Guard
Stove Guard
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Almost everyone is aware of a kitchen accident caused by someone leaving a pot or pan on the burner too long, simply forgetting while engaged in other activities. A kitchen fire is everyone's worst nightmare and the most common start of household fires. Tragically, these fires are a leading cause of death among older adults. Now there's a solution to this potential danger!

The Stove Guard is a revolutionary safety device that uses advanced technology to monitor your presence in the kitchen cooking area and shuts off power the stove when left unattended too long.

The Stove Guard is easy to use! It features a Sensor Eye with Brains that automatically monitors your presence in the kitchen cooking area. Also, if you leave the kitchen, an internal timer starts running. The Stove Guard is easy for an electrician to install.

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Boomer Tips: Stove Guard

Q. Will my stove stick out from the wall with the unit in place?
A. No. The main control box is located behind the stove, out of sight. It is designed to fit the area behind the stove that will allow the stove to pushed back to the wall. The only piece that you will see, is the small timer control that may be mounted underneath the upper kitchen cabinet. Stove Guard is very easy to install & use.

Q. Where should I install the Stove Guard sensor unit?
A. In a position where it can view the high-traffic area of your kitchen without being exposed to a direct heat source. We recommend installing the EMU sensor unit to the bottom of a kitchen upper cabinet or on a wall next to the stove, never directly above the stove.

Q. Is Stove Guard user friendly?
A. Stove Guard operates in easy to use 2 modes:

  • ON/AUTO - allows the device to automatically shut the stove off if the user is out of the sensing area longer than the preprogrammed time. When the user returns, the stove is turned on again automatically. Stove Guard will remember the pre-programmed time. After a power outage, Stove Guard will automatically turn itself ON , in Auto Mode and shut off power to the stove 1 minute after it last detects motion.
  • ON/TIMER - allows the stove to operate for a preset amount of time. This mode is used when cooking a specific dish. Once the set time is over, power to the stove is turned off. This mode must be reset manually every time it is used.

Q. What time should I set my Stove Guard timer to?
A. The factory default setting is 1 minute, offering maximum protection. The user can set the time to their particular needs. Stove fires can ignite in as little as a few minutes.

Q. Are the stove appliance outlets or receptacles controlled by Stove Guard?
A. The stove receptacles are connected to one ground and one phase that gives 115VAC. The stove heater is connected to two phases (240VAC). If stove switch is ON the current transformer installed on one of the two phases will be activated and the device will start working.
The same will happen with the stove receptacle; if one of two phases with current transformer is connected to the receptacle any power consumption from this receptacle will activate Stove Guard. Different factories install different phases to the receptacles, this means that Stove Guard will not always be activated by the power receiver connected to the stove receptacle.

Q. I just installed Stove Guard and my stove's clock keeps stopping.
A. Move the rocker switch on the lower Power Box to the other position.

Q. Will Stove Guard control the oven only?
A. Stove Guard is made to protect your surroundings against a stovetop fire. Stove Guard also controls the oven in both AUTO (motion detection up to 39mins.) and TIMER (countdown up to 99mins.) modes.

Q. If there is a power failure, will Stove Guard lose its memory settings?
A. Stove Guard will Restart automatically & revert to a one-minute default setting in AUTO Mode. If the EMU's motion sensor detects no activity it will shut down the stove after 1 minute.
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