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StoveTop Firestop
StoveTop Firestop
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StoveTop FireStop®, America's leading automatic stovetop fire suppressor for over thirty years, is the first line of defense against small residential stovetop fires (not intended for deep-fat frying). Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, StoveTop FireStop works automatically, and addresses the leading cause of cooking fires—unattended cooking.

Recommended by fire chiefs and fire prevention experts nationwide, StoveTop FireStop upholds an excellent track record. During the last thirty years, millions of units have been sold to apartment managers, maintenance managers, and safety equipment dealers.

Inexpensive and easily installed using magnets, StoveTop FireStop keeps residents from fumbling with a fire extinguisher and getting dangerously close to an out of control fire. StoveTop FireStop is a supplemental automatic fire suppression component that magnetically rests above the stovetop cooking surface. Once a flame touches the device, non-toxic fire-suppressing dry powder is dispensed via gravity (non-pressurized) onto the burner area below. A loud "POP!" alerts residents of activation. Smoke or normal cooking heat alone will not activate the device, preventing false activations.

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Boomer Tips: StoveTop FireStop

Q. Why should my property be protected with the StoveTop FireStop?
A. Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home fire injuries. Unattended cooking is the leading cause of home cooking fires. A seemingly small stovetop fire can spread in just a matter of seconds consuming everything in its path. With the StoveTop FireStop®, you will have peace of mind knowing that your property and residents have an added layer of fire protection.

Q. How do I install them?
A. Simply attach the magnet of the StoveTop FireStop to the underside of your venthood (24–32 inches above the stovetop) centered between the front and back burners.

Q. What if I have a microwave above the stovetop?
A. You need the StoveTop FireStop Microhood. The StoveTop FireStop Microhood is installed into the wall underneath the microwave (15 -22 inches above the stovetop). The StoveTop FireStop Microhood requires a drill and screwdriver, but should only take a few minutes to install. The units are attached to the back wall using three drywall anchors and screws.

Q. How do I keep my StoveTop FireStop working?
A. StoveTop FireStop doesn’t require any maintenance at all, nor do they require any inspections or repairs. In the event of grease build up, gently clean off grease using a towel.

Q. What if the StoveTop FireStop activates while I’m cooking?
A. You do not have to worry about false activations from normal cooking heat or smoke. The StoveTop FireStop will only open when flames touch the underside of the device.

Q. How long will my StoveTop FireStop last?
A. StoveTop FireStop needs to be replaced every five years or after activated.

Q: How much does it cost? Can I afford it?
A. At an average cost of around $50 per stovetop, the StoveTop FireStop is highly cost-effective for the multi-unit residential sector in terms of both economics and safety. When you break it down, the StoveTop FireStop costs just over 2 pennies per day per stove over a five year period. If you can’t afford the StoveTop FireStop, you certainly can’t afford a fire.

Q: I don’t like the appearance of the StoveTop FireStop over my stove – won’t it look funny?
A. Nearly all traditional venthoods are concave. When the StoveTop FireStop Venthood units are installed via magnets within the recommended 24 to 32 inches above the stove, they will normally not be visible from across the room because they will be hidden behind the wall of the venthood.

The StoveTop FireStop Microhood, on the other hand, will be visible and is designed to protrude just slightly out the front of the Microhood. This enables the powder to reach the front burners. However, the Microhood product is housed in a low-profile black plastic designed to blend in with most kitchen appliance color schemes.

Q: We already have a sprinkler system – why would we want StoveTop FireStop?
A. The StoveTop FireStop is an important supplement to sprinklers, which are important and effective in suppressing fires but can cause water damage throughout the building. StoveTop FireStop can suppress a stovetop fire before it spreads, preventing larger fires and extensive damage.

Q: How can we attach your standard StoveTop FireStop Venthood product with the magnets if we don’t have a normal steel venthood over our stove?
A. If magnets will not adhere to the vent unit above the stovetop, but the distance between the stovetop and venthood is within the specified range of 24 – 32 inches, you can install StoveTop FireStop with a free alternative fastener kit.

Q: We don’t have a wall behind the stove that we can fasten the Microhood units to – what do we do?
A. At this time we do not have an alternative fastening method for the StoveTop FireStop Microhood. We are soliciting feedback from prospective customers and expect to offer an alternative in the future.
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